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Radius Bike Shop is now a Neighbors United Small Business Partner

Neighbors United Northeast Lancaster City

“I was born into this neighborhood, my family grew up in this neighborhood, and I now work daily here in the Northeast section of Lancaster City. I feel a personal responsibility to watch and listen to what is happening in our community. With this partnership, we give back to help the Northeast section of Lancaster City become a better place to live and work.” -Dimitri Keares owner of Radius Bike Shop.

“We welcome Radius Bike Shop, located on 545 New Holland Avenue Lancaster, as a small business partner. Bicycles are key to improving the quality of life in our city. As we hope to reconnect our neighborhoods and become less dependent on automobiles, we applaud businesses who understand that bicycles contribute to a greener and cleaner Lancaster.

Radius supports our Safer, Greener, Cleaner initiative by donating $1 for every Radius branded t-shirt and Radius branded accessory sold.”


Radius Bike Shop | Lancaster, PA