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The Backwards Bike, The Impossible Bicycle & Pee Wee Herman

The Backwards BikeJR from Threshold BMX was telling me about this crazy bicycle he and a good friend, Jim Stack, built. A completely backwards bike, an impossible bike to ride…well, almost impossible. Based on an older Schwinn middleweight cruiser, it features a double headtube with industrial gears mounted to reverse the steering.

Double Headtube with gears

The handlebars feature free rotating grips and ball joints so the handle bars flop around independently from one another. The seat is also on a ball joint, so your ass is thinking backwards too. The driveline is backwards, pedal forward and it goes backwards and vise-versa.

Ball Joint SeatThe kicker is the wheelset, carefully laid-out and executed by the fine folks at Shirk’s Bike Shop, including Luke Shirk. The wheels are purpose-built eccentric off axis. Different spoke lengths and pre-taco’ed rims come together to create the goofiest feeling bicycle on this planet.
Eccentric WheelsThe build is executed with precision as Jim Stack is a master welder and JR is a fabrication / machining guru.

Backwards Pedaling DrivetrainTwo people are documented riding this bike for a sustained time. Stay tuned to future Radius Events, we may have to bring back the Backwards bike for a Rodeo event! Don’t get sour at Pee Wee Herman, it is much much harder to ride than meets the eye; a complete mind bender.
The Backwards Bike

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Brother Ivan on the drunk bike slow motiony

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