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Winterize the Bike Rack

Often overlooked, often neglected, despite being heavily used and abused. Quality bicycle racks can provide years of faithful service and here are a few tips to keep ’em going without skipping a beat. Our Tacoma has been paired up with the Thule T2 and is mounted on the truck year-round. It has proven to be a great, versatile rack accommodating anything from a road bike, 20″ Bmx & 29+ Mountain rigs for all the 2-wheeled adventures.

Winterize your rack yearly in the fall and protect it against the harsh winter conditions. Take a few minutes and follow these steps:

1. Inspect your rack for damage, missing parts and confirm proper operation. Certain components, such as straps, will wear down and are replaceable.

2. Tighten pieces that have worked their way loose & re-torque bolted components to factory specs.

3. Lubricate any moving linkage according to manufacture or use bicycle lubes such as chain lube, Tri-Flow, silicon spray etc.

4. Wax, wax, wax the metal surfaces with a quality automotive Carnauba paste wax. Since our rack is used heavily, we applied a liberal amount of wax on all metal surfaces and left it remain on the surface for long lasting protection against water, salt, UV rays, road grime. A more traditional method would be to apply wax and buff off, which still leaves the rack with a thin layer of protection. Avoid getting wax on porous plastic surfaces, which can leave stains.

Whether you have a roof-mounted or hitch-mounted unit, take 20-30 minutes every Fall and perform this simple maintenance routine on your bicycle carrier. If you find this information useful, please share. Thanks!

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