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Used Bicycle Trade-In Program

Looking to get a new bike but don’t have room for them in your garage with all your old bikes in the way? That’s why Radius Bike Shop has created its new Trade-In Program.

Let Radius Bike Shop help you get those bikes out of the garage and back on the road under a new owner and receive a Radius Bike Shop gift card to spend at your convenience. The Radius Bike Shop Trade-In Program is simple. Just follow these three easy steps:

Bring the bike you would like to trade-in to our Radius Bike Shop location.

Radius Bike Shop’s certified used bike evaluator will assess your bike using our 70-point inspection checklist and based on its age, condition and need for service, we will make you an offer in 30 minutes or less.

Provide valid State Issued Identification. Person making the trade must be at least 18 years of age.

We will issue a trade-in credit for immediate use, or offer cash on the spot.

Please keep in mind:
Not all bikes are eligible to trade-in. Your bike must be in good working order or in a condition that requires little maintenance to be in good working order and be free of structural damage of any type.
You must bring your bike in to our store to get a price quote. We cannot give estimates on the phone or the internet.
In some cases, it may take up to an hour to provide a trade-in quote.
We do not accept discount store bikes (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, etc.).
The agreed upon value of the bike will be issued in the form of a Radius Bike Shop gift card that can be used immediately or anytime in the future.
If you want to sell your bicycle for outright cash, we may do so at our discretion.
For bicycles that do not meet our requirements for trade-in or cash value, you are welcome to donate. We work with several local organizations that use the bicycles directly and indirectly to support their philanthropic missions.

Radius Bike Shop is an officially licensed second-hand dealer with the City of Lancaster. You must be at least 18 years and have a valid Photo Identification.

Sample PA State ID
Sample PA State Photo ID

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Winterize the Bike Rack

Often overlooked, often neglected, despite being heavily used and abused. Quality bicycle racks can provide years of faithful service and here are a few tips to keep ’em going without skipping a beat. Our Tacoma has been paired up with the Thule T2 and is mounted on the truck year-round. It has proven to be a great, versatile rack accommodating anything from a road bike, 20″ Bmx & 29+ Mountain rigs for all the 2-wheeled adventures.

Winterize your rack yearly in the fall and protect it against the harsh winter conditions. Take a few minutes and follow these steps:

1. Inspect your rack for damage, missing parts and confirm proper operation. Certain components, such as straps, will wear down and are replaceable.

2. Tighten pieces that have worked their way loose & re-torque bolted components to factory specs.

3. Lubricate any moving linkage according to manufacture or use bicycle lubes such as chain lube, Tri-Flow, silicon spray etc.

4. Wax, wax, wax the metal surfaces with a quality automotive Carnauba paste wax. Since our rack is used heavily, we applied a liberal amount of wax on all metal surfaces and left it remain on the surface for long lasting protection against water, salt, UV rays, road grime. A more traditional method would be to apply wax and buff off, which still leaves the rack with a thin layer of protection. Avoid getting wax on porous plastic surfaces, which can leave stains.

Whether you have a roof-mounted or hitch-mounted unit, take 20-30 minutes every Fall and perform this simple maintenance routine on your bicycle carrier. If you find this information useful, please share. Thanks!

Thule T2 Rack img_6886 img_6889

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Family Bike Outing – Join Us!


Join Greg Paulson, candidate for PA Senate, for a
Family Bike Outing on Sunday, June 26th beginning at 1:00 pm

Tentative start and end point:
Kauffman Physical Therapy Parking lot
804 New Holland Ave
Lancaster, PA 17602

Family fun ride, leisurely pace for kids, approximately one and a half to two hours.

Ice Cream Social after the ride at Kauffman’s

Route Information:

  • Quiet streets of Lancaster City
  • Idyllic Roads of Manheim Township
  • Farm Lanes of W. Earl Township
  • Two covered Bridges

More details:
Follow Paulson for PA Senate

  • Helmets Required for children under twelve (12)
  • Water provided along the route
  • Free bike inspection before takeoff
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Suggested Donation: $15.00 per person, $25.00 per family

Additional Contributions will be accepted by Paulson for PA Senate


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The Backwards Bike, The Impossible Bicycle & Pee Wee Herman

The Backwards BikeJR from Threshold BMX was telling me about this crazy bicycle he and a good friend, Jim Stack, built. A completely backwards bike, an impossible bike to ride…well, almost impossible. Based on an older Schwinn middleweight cruiser, it features a double headtube with industrial gears mounted to reverse the steering.

Double Headtube with gears

The handlebars feature free rotating grips and ball joints so the handle bars flop around independently from one another. The seat is also on a ball joint, so your ass is thinking backwards too. The driveline is backwards, pedal forward and it goes backwards and vise-versa.

Ball Joint SeatThe kicker is the wheelset, carefully laid-out and executed by the fine folks at Shirk’s Bike Shop, including Luke Shirk. The wheels are purpose-built eccentric off axis. Different spoke lengths and pre-taco’ed rims come together to create the goofiest feeling bicycle on this planet.
Eccentric WheelsThe build is executed with precision as Jim Stack is a master welder and JR is a fabrication / machining guru.

Backwards Pedaling DrivetrainTwo people are documented riding this bike for a sustained time. Stay tuned to future Radius Events, we may have to bring back the Backwards bike for a Rodeo event! Don’t get sour at Pee Wee Herman, it is much much harder to ride than meets the eye; a complete mind bender.
The Backwards Bike

A video posted by Jim Stack (@stack_881) on

Brother Ivan on the drunk bike slow motiony

A video posted by Lincoln (@lincoh) on

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Bicycle Registration


The serial number is the only thing that connects you to your bike. Bicycle registration is a quick and easy way to protect your bicycle. It provides a record of your serial number in case your bike is ever lost or stolen. Proper registration will make it easier to retrieve your bicycle.

Local Bicycle Registration

City of Lancaster:

Lancaster City Alliance
115 E King St
Lancaster, PA 17602
Cost $1.00

Manheim Township Police Department
1825 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
Cost: Free

Manheim Township Bicycle Registration Form (.PDF)




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Small Business Saturday

You’re Invited to #shopsmall

Where: Radius Bike Shop
When: Small Business Saturday
Why: Supporting locally owned businesses helps to build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.

Hours: Week of Thanksgiving
Mon Tue 10AM – 5PM
Wed 10AM – 7PM
Thurs Closed
Fri 10AM – 8PM
Sat 10AM – 8PM
Sun 10AM – 2PM

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Radius Bike Shop opens in Lancaster

Lancaster Online
Radius Bike Shop, which sells new and used bikes and offers repairs, has opened in Lancaster at 545 New Holland Ave.

The 2,500-square-foot shop is owned by Dimitri Keares and his wife, Kim. It is next to Friendly Greek Bottle Shop, which is owned by Dimitri’s father, Nicholas, and brother, Teddy.

For years, Keares, who is the shop’s sole employees, has been accumulating parts and supplies from bike shops, selling some online. He decided to open his own bike shop when the building owned by his father became available.

Radius Bike Shop is also a dealer for Fairdale bikes. Keares continues to offer online sales.

Summer Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday. 553-4004