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Bicycle Donation Station

Donate Your Bicycle & Help Make Lancaster City A Better Place!

Radius Bike Shop accepts donations of quality used bicycles. These are makes and models that originated in a bicycle shop. Grade A donated bicycles will be serviced and sold with proceeds going directly to Neighbors United (Lancaster City Alliance). We also partner with several philanthropic organizations in Lancaster, PA to get quality used bicycles in the hands of people that need them.

If the bicycle is in disrepair, we part them out and catalog parts. Radius Bike Shop often helps people of low income receive parts and repairs at a reasonable cost.

If you are cleaning out the garage or emptying the spare parts bin, feel free to donate to us. We accept donations during regular business hours. If you have several used bicycles to donate and are unable to bring them in, we may be able to arrange pick-up service at your location.

By donating to us, we will ensure that a bicycle is properly serviced & tuned prior to finding a placement. In the event that a bicycle is disassembled for parts, we will reuse all good parts and hardware. Anything remaining will be properly recycled and upcycled, if possible.

For more information, please call (717) 553-4004.


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