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Our Service Area... the Radius of Radius

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Our Service Area...  the Radius of Radius

Fine-tuning our Mobile Bicycle Service has been an on-going process. We want to provide the best service experience to the most people possible. Here is more information on our current service area.   The Lancaster, PA Service Area is highlighted in green. Our Extended Service Area highlighted in red. In total, Radius Mobile Bike Shop services approximately a 962 square mile section of South Central Pennsylvania.(service map is an approximation, some rural areas omitted due to transit time) Lancaster, PA Service Area ( Approx 15 Mile Radius ) Akron PA 17501Bart PA 17503Bausman PA 17504Bird in Hand PA 17505Blue Ball PA 17506Brickerville, PA 17543Brogue PA 17309Brownstown PA 17508Columbia PA...

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